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OpenFest is annual conference, dedicated to the free software, free culture and free knowledge sharing – gala days of fans, creators, supporters of the open source software in Bulgaria.

The purpose of OpenFest is to promote projects and to provide a forum for exchanging ideas and positions regarding free software and open source software.

This is one idea of Bulgarian free / open source community, supported by many partners and friends. This is a holiday that we share with others – OpenFest is a gift to all who help us make it happen. Join us!

  • OpenFest 2014

    November 1st and 2nd, 2014
    Interpred WTC Sofia, Bulgaria (map)
  • Партньори

  • O’Reilly

    O’reilly Media
  • Linux-BG.org

    Linux за Българи
  • Elwix

  • Olimex

  • OpenIntegra